Why You Should Invest in Yourself Despite Rising Education Costs

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered much of our daily lives, including the way we work. This has caused many people to change careers to the tech sector; however, the demand for qualified digitally skilled workers continues to increase exponentially.

Digital skills-based-careers have the potential to provide higher pay, greater job security, and the opportunity to work from anywhere. You could be enjoying these benefits and more. All it takes is investing in yourself, learning new skills, and knowing you’re worth a brighter future.   

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Education costs are rising at a dramatic rate in the U.S., and the student debt crisis impacting every new generation of learners can make gaining the skills needed to make a change downright scary.

However, there are multiple paths toward this future that can provide learners of all skill levels with in-demand skills, networking opportunities, and more. We recommend the SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills Bootcamps, powered by ThriveDX

Saying “the times are difficult” is an egregious understatement and spending money in the face of an uncertain future is intimidating, but you’re worth the investment in yourself.

After all, YOU are your best asset! 

Current Digital Career Trends

Inflation is increasing at such an alarming rate that most salaries and hourly wages have been unable to keep up. In fact, the U.S. Inflation Calculator states prices have gone up by as much as 8.5%. If your salary hasn’t increased by at least that much, you have likely felt the effects of these significant price hikes.  

The answer to this problem? Simply put, you need to be working in a growing, more lucrative industry. 

If the first thought you had after reading this was along the lines of, “I don’t have the time and/or money to get a degree or switch careers,” that’s understandable. After all, the closure of universities alone led to the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars overnight, contributing to the increase in education costs.

However, don’t count out a digital skills-based career just yet. This is a sector that is seeing tremendous growth and has no signs of slowing. 

  • Current data shows 149 million technology-oriented jobs will be added to the global workforce
  • According to LinkedIn data,“the demand for digital skills is very much on the rise”
  • Data from the Pew Research Center shows that 85% of Americans that have a detailed understanding of digital skills will be vital for the success of today’s workers

So if these careers offer so much, why is there such a major shortage of workers for these positions? Many companies credit it to the significant skills gap and a lack of training

By obtaining in-demand skills and training from current industry professionals at the SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills Bootcamps, you can stay ahead of the current inflation rate in a skyrocketing industry.

The Benefits of a SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills Bootcamp

What are Bootcamps?

Bootcamps are an alternative and practical path towards receiving modern skills and training in a specific discipline or industry. They allow you to bypass prerequisite classes while providing greater accessibility and flexibility. They are a perfect option for getting your foot in the door to the tech industry because top companies such as Apple, IBM, Google, and more no longer list a college degree as a requirement on their job postings due to the rising cost of education. 

SDSU Global Campus bootcamps provide hands-on courses taught by current industry professionals in a fully online setting. Additionally, they offer other benefits such as a dedicated Career Services team and networking opportunities.

The Bootcamp Value

  • No Experience? Not a Problem

Our bootcamps do not require prior experience or prerequisite classes that can cost an average of $694 per credit hour. You can enter these programs at any skill level and receive the training you need to succeed in your chosen field.

  • Remote Learning

Our fully online classes allow for greater flexibility for busy schedules or for those that have familial commitments, removing the need for additional childcare costs that can amount to upwards of $17 an hour.

  • Career Services

Our dedicated Career Services team provides support tailored to your needs with services such as job placement assistance, career coaching, resume and LinkedIn profile optimization, and more. 

All of these services are included in the bootcamps. Outside of our programs, professional resume writing could cost anywhere from $100-$700 per commission, and career coaching could cost $75-$500 an hour. 

The comprehensive support offered through an SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills Bootcamp is invaluable. 

How You Can Still Pay for School, Despite Rising Education Costs

As the price of education and other costs continue to rise, many Americans continue to live paycheck to paycheck. In fact, 64% of the U.S. population reports that this is their current situation. However, this doesn’t have to be your current situation. You can build a new financial future for yourself and you should because you are worth it. You deserve to be able to get groceries or pay for utilities without worrying about what’s left in your bank account. You are worth a fulfilling career and a future that isn’t impacted by financial stress.

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Spending money in the short term to earn in the long term understandably feels difficult. This can often seem like a gamble however, we want to assure you that this is an investment worth making. Ultimately this investment can help to maximize your returns and secure a better future.

Speaking of returns, let’s talk about return on investment or ROI.  

The Return on Investment from Bootcamps

Return on investment (ROI) is a financial term that is used to measure or define what you stand to gain on an investment. We mentioned before that investments can often feel like a gamble and most people do not want to take a risk like that without some certainty that their investment will have a positive outcome.  

So let’s break down the potential ROI you stand to gain through an SDSU Global Campus bootcamp.

Currently, the national average salary across non-digital industries is about $51,000 a year.

Conversely, here are some of the national salary averages across a few of the different digital skills-based careers available today:

Next we’ll take these figures, round them off to an average number, and do some quick math to see what the potential ROI could be for someone earning the current national average salary in a non-digital industry.

If you’re currently earning $50k a year and you invest $16,000 in the SDSU Global Campus UX/UX Design Bootcamp, you’d then have the potential to earn $100k a year as a UX Designer. Your ROI would be $34,000 in just your first year of employment, with the likelihood of greater financial growth with more time spent in the industry.*    

*This scenario is hypothetical. Salaries vary based on a number of factors, including position, location, experience level, skills, as well as work, and personal history.

Feel free to do the math yourself with your current salary and know that this future could be possible in less than a year with an SDSU Global Campus bootcamp.

3 Steps to Finance Your Education

Financing your education with an SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills bootcamp is easy. 

  1. Step one: Choose from a variety of SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills Bootcamps
  2. Step two: Test-drive a 30 Hour Introductory Course for a taste of what you will experience as a learner. 
  3. Step three: When you’re ready to commit to the full program, choose your payment option.

To help you invest in your professional development, there are some payment and financing options offered. This program does not qualify for federal financial assistance.

  • Pay in Full
    After completing the Introductory Course, pay tuition in full prior to starting your first class.
  •  0% Interest
    Monthly installments with no interest. Available to all learners.
  • Personal Financing
    Learners may qualify for personal or private education loans with qualified lenders.
Pay in Full
After completing the Introductory Course, pay tuition in full prior to starting your first class.
0% Interest
Monthly installments with no interest. Available to all learners.

Personal Financing
Learners may qualify for personal or private education loans.

Need more information on your payment options?

An admissions advisor will be able to walk you through your options so you can make the best decision for your future. 

A New Future is Around the Corner

We hope you’re as thrilled as we are about investing in yourself! Switching to a new, fulfilling career in a booming industry means the future doesn’t have to be uncertain or scary. It can be what it was always meant to be: exciting!

Make It Happen, in wooden alphabet letters on a bright red background.

Enrolling in an SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills bootcamp is the first step towards a lucrative career, a better work-life balance, and professional and personal growth.

Classes begin on a rolling basis. Get in contact with the admissions team for more information on cohort start dates, tuition, and what you’ll need to get started. Give us a call at (619) 839-3030 or fill out the form below. 


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