Angel Zamora’s Journey into Digital Marketing

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A life-long learner and passionate educator, Angel Zamora, was working as a teaching assistant and tutor before being furloughed at the start of 2020. Almost immediately, he realized he was going to have to adapt to the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Around the time he was securing a new, full-time role at a non-profit organization, Angel discovered the SDSU Global Campus Digital Marketing Bootcamp. In previous jobs, he’d always admired the role marketers played and knew they were essential to business operations. Seriously considering changing careers, Angel began researching opportunities available to him before deciding to talk to an SDSU Admissions Advisor to learn more.

Managing Expectations

Angel’s greatest concern was time. He was unsure if he could balance a full-time job and a part-time bootcamp, so he reached out to friends and colleagues to get their advice on furthering his education. Met with support and encouragement, Angel made the decision to become a digital marketing professional and enrolled in the SDSU Global Campus Digital Marketing Bootcamp Introductory Course.

The very first class surpassed Angel’s expectations. His experience in education gave him a unique perspective on the virtual classroom environment that allowed his instructors to go above and beyond to ensure he had the support he needed to succeed during those first 30 hours.

“Sometimes, as a student, we forget that we need to ask for help. Here it’s the other way around, [instructors] are reaching out to us and reminding us, ‘Hey, help is available.‘”

Angel Zamora, SDSU Global Campus Digital Marketing Bootcamp Learner

Fully utilizing all the support the program has to offer, Angel became eager to continue his digital marketing training. Within a few weeks, Angel was enrolled in the extended program with the goal of earning a certificate from San Diego State University and landing a digital marketing job in less than a year.

Unparalleled Support

About three months into the extended program, Angel was feeling truly challenged by the coursework he was assigned. It was then that he reached out to his instructors who were happy to provide him with additional resources and individual support to ensure he continued to see success in the course. By putting in long hours of studying outside of the classroom and rewatching lectures, Angel  further evolved his skill set with hands-on practice and collaborative projects.

The support Angel continues to receive only solidifies his decision to change careers. His instructors inspire him to dream big when it comes to entering the new field. With aspirations to grow within his current company, Angel only has a few modules to excel in before he can receive his certification and become a digital marketing professional.

Changing Careers

If you’re considering changing professional paths, now is the time to explore your options. At SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills Bootcamps, we offer each learner the tools, knowledge, and support they need to evolve their careers beyond what they ever imagined possible. 

Discover the perfect program for you. With a hands-on curriculum taught by industry-leading instructors, you will gain access to everything you need to make a total career transformation. Endeavor to explore the benefits of online accelerated learning and get started with our Introductory Course.

To learn more about SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills Bootcamps, please visit us here or fill out the form below.

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