2021 Panel Discussion With Women in Tech

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Women’s History Month gives us a chance to reflect on the contributions of women throughout history. This month, with our Women in Tech Panel on March 31st, SDSU wants to highlight the women who are contributing to the tech industry in their own way. 

Our upcoming panel will feature Laurie Swanson, founder of InspiHER Tech; Jamielyn Co, Marketing Director for Tissue Tech, Inc; and Darrah Joy Clay, Brand Partnerships Director at Instacart. Moderating is Lisa Franklin, Head of Digital Marketing at HackerU.

Career Advice for Women in Tech

Their expertise in technology presents a unique collection of experiences which they shared during our free, virtual event. Jamielyn Co shares what she wishes she knew before getting started in tech.

About Fostering Relationships: While I’m currently not working for a tech company, I’ve been in tech-related positions most of my career. I’m glad I learned how to foster relationships earlier in my career. The old adage, “People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care” is true. In tech, it is already stressful enough thinking of deadlines, ship, user flows, product features, and functionality. I find that people do their best work if they feel that they are part of a team, not just a cog in a product development machine.

In my experience, something simple like knowing about your team members’ interests and passions outside work and asking about them will yield faster turnaround time, higher productivity, and overall positive morale.

About Teams as “Family”: I know it’s common to refer to colleagues or team members as family. I wish I had known that when I started, it wasn’t necessarily the case. You see, family dynamics can be tricky. It can be warm and supportive but it can also be dysfunctional and enabling negative behaviors. In tech-related positions, you’ll always find yourself working in a team.

I would say a great team is less like family and more like a champion sports team. We all show up being really clear on what our roles are, focusing on one goal and supporting each other on the road to achieving it. There are appropriate boundaries in place so we maintain healthy relationships with each other. No individual is greater than the team. And together, we head toward success.

Attend Our Women in Tech Panel

Hear more from Jamie Co and the rest of our trailblazing panelists at our Women in Tech Panel. This free, virtual event dives into their journey to success and is packed with actionable career advice.

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