Learn in-demand skills for the age of AI

Become an AI Software Developer

At the SDSU Global Campus AI Software Development Bootcamp, powered by ThriveDX, you don’t need any prior experience with AI or coding to level up your career. The 10-month program will teach you how to code, integrate AI into web and app development, and fast-track your journey to exciting roles in tech.


An AI-Forward Coding Bootcamp

Learn to code for AI and gain hands-on skills with tools you’ll use on the job. Practice integrating JavaScript with HTML and CSS, build a solid foundation in Python, and harness the power of ChatGPT, Gemini, and GitHub Copilot for software development.

No Experience? No Problem.

Gain the theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills needed to land a role in AI software development without any previous experience in tech.

Hands-On Training

Gain practical experience with coding languages, including front-end languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Python for AI development, and how to apply AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and others to real-world challenges.

Comprehensive Courses

Start coding immediately and gain web development, machine learning, and AI software engineering skills, all while building confidence across various roles and enhancing job market competitiveness.

Immersive Learning Hub

Engage with a virtual education ecosystem that not only accelerates your coding skills but enables you to apply classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios with feedback from experts in the field.

Expert Instructors

Learn from leading AI software developers, benefit from their insights on crucial tools and techniques, and make professional connections that foster future opportunities.

Launch a Career in AI Software Development

Become a successful AI software developer in under a year. Join a supportive community of AI and coding experts
and tech education leaders, all dedicated to your personal and professional growth.

Focused on Your Success

Engage in a project-based curriculum that sharpens your skills and helps you build a compelling portfolio. With individualized coaching from development experts and career mentors, the bootcamp prepares you meticulously for job interviews, ensuring you're ready to impress.

Career Services

Become a professional in less than a year. Fast-track your entry into the workforce. Access extensive career support services, including resume refinement, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and expert interview coaching, paving your way to a successful career.

Professional Growth Through Networking

Attend online networking events and join a community of local and national hiring partners seeking newly qualified software development for AI talent. Forge new connections and uncover professional opportunities to pursue after completing the program.

Job Search Assistance

Maximize your career prospects in the dynamic field of AI software development with the help of the Career Outcomes team. They’re always ready to guide your job search strategy, help you refine your personal branding and online presence, and practice technical interviews to ensure you always put your best foot forward.

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