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Digital Skills Bootcamps

Gain Real-World Experience with
Our Immersive, Cutting-Edge Bootcamps

If you want to break into an exciting, innovative career path, the SDSU Global Campus Digital Skills Bootcamps, in collaboration with ThriveDX, provide you with everything you need to transition into a digital, future-proof profession in less than one year.

The Cybersecurity

Fast-track your cybersecurity career and quickly advance from learner to professional with our immersive curriculum designed to give you the skills and experience you need to succeed.

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Break into a career in digital marketing with our immersive, in-depth professional training program led by thought leaders and industry experts and covering almost every niche in the industry.

The UI/UX Design

Enter the digital design industry with the hands-on training, skills, and knowledge you need to confidently become a proficient UI/UX design professional in as little as one year!

The Software
Development Bootcamp

Designed for learners of all professional backgrounds, this bootcamp utilizes the latest in education technology to provide a cutting-edge, online learning environment. Study fundamental theory, gain hands-on coding experience, and build the skill set you need to launch a career in software development.

Coming Soon
The Data Science
& Analytics Bootcamp

Study data science & analytics online and gain the experience you need to launch a career in the field. Learn from industry experts eager to train the next generation of data professionals to build data-backed solutions to complex problems.

Providing the Competitive Career Edge You Need to


Level Up Your
Professional Opportunities

Upgrade Your Digital Skills

These innovative Digital Skills Bootcamps tap into the power of experiential learning, focusing on education through practical experience, hands-on projects, and cutting-edge tools to prepare learners for a new career in less than a year.

Launch an Innovative Career

Study a Profession Built for the Future

In less than one year, you will transform your knowledge and capabilities through innovative and hands-on instruction, emerging with the experience and ability to seamlessly transition into a successful career in the industry of your choice.



Thrive in a classroom learning environment that connects you with dedicated instructors experienced in using interactive and creative strategies and project-based learning to give learners all the tools they need to succeed.



Get a taste of the types of instruction and projects that make up the full program, using this introductory course to gauge the program's demands and expectations before committing to the entire bootcamp.


Certifications and
Digital Badges

Gain access to industry certification exams that will allow you to earn valuable digital badges and highly-regarded certifications, regardless of which bootcamp program you choose.



Build a robust foundation for your job search with personalized training in resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, networking, and interviews. Our career services team also forges relationships with local hiring partners to help our learners find job opportunities upon graduation.*


Program Hours

Forge powerful connections with your instructors and immerse yourself in your new career with practical, real-world simulations and a comprehensive curriculum designed to cover all aspects and niches of your chosen industry.


Access to
Hiring Partners

Expand your network and prepare for a successful career by capitalizing on the powerful relationships nurtured by our career services department and connecting with industry leaders in need of qualified candidates.

The Five-Step Pathway

to Success


Let's Connect

Schedule a personal consultation with one of our admissions advisors to get to know us, ask questions, and set the stage for your professional and educational goals.


One-on-One Advising

Your Senior Admissions Advisor will meet with you online or on the phone for a one-on-one discussion about the program, your career expectations, and potential job opportunities.


Introductory Course

The Introductory Course allows learners to gauge the demands and expectations of the bootcamp before committing to the entire program, to ensure it’s the right fit for you and your career goals.


The Program

The bootcamp experience is accelerated and takes learners on a deep dive into their chosen field. Live classes are provided virtually, and exercises simulate the real-world tasks of a digital marketing or cybersecurity professional.


Career Services

Get professional help with your job search when you take advantage of our career services team’s personalized training in resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, online presence, networking, and access to our hiring partners.

Note: Career services are consultation-based only and do not guarantee job placement.

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